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The reason why you should have the Growing and Serving Culture.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

– John C Maxwell

Today we have many unhappy people as well as not really successful leaders.


Because many leaders focus more on money rather than on people’s development. It seems that some leaders are afraid of developed subordinates or they simply don’t care about people and don’t care about their customers.

Those leaders care more about productivity by using a cheap workforce and are focused more on themselves. And very often we can see around us an organization that mostly stays on a “positional level of leadership” where people follow their leaders because they have to, and because they have no choice. This is why they have to follow.

Very often people want to bring their leaders and their organizations to the next level of leadership, to the “Permission level.” This is where people follow their leaders because they want to, and people come up with new great ideas and new approaches. But their leaders do not accept their ideas, even if a new idea would be accepted in a “Positional company.” Leaders continue to not care about their people.

As a result, these talented people with great enthusiasm in a non-growth organization leave those organizations. It happens because people want to grow and they want to develop their ideas in a successful organization where leaders care about people and where a team environment is pleasant. And these talented people want to grow and be appreciated for the talents they bring to the team. But some leaders just don’t care.

Sometimes some leaders tell me “Alex, you just want to be successful through the success of my company…this is why you want to help me…..”

For these kinds of leaders, my answer is: “you have to understand just one simple thing, that I care only about your people in your organization, I do not care about you nor me. I do care about your people because your people want to grow and they want you to grow, but you don’t hear your people and you don’t care about your people. And this is why they do not care about you either… and this is what makes your people unhappy. And because of the poor leadership in your organization, it brings your organization and you to a non-growth environment. As a result, non-growing people leave non-growing organizations and their non-growing leaders.

A long time ago when I was doing my research while I was working in different organizations I was in the same situation as your employees are in and I totally understand what your employees feel while they work in such a difficult environment. At the same time as a leader, you have to understand, that your employees bring you to success.

You can be successful, but only then, if you will change your mindset and think more about what you can do for your people and how you can grow your people, and how you can serve them. And remember, your people bring your organization to success. It will be a great achievement for you.

So, It’s not about how to make me successful, it’s all about making you, successful. I just help you to serve your people who will bring your organization to success. And of course, if I will be able to make you successful, I will be successful too, because your success and mine comes through collaborative work with each other.

My goal is, to create as many successful people and organizations as possible. So, my business is to make other people more successful and to grow you, your teams, and your business. In other words, I would say I’m a successful team’s creator and a successful people’s grower.

Some people have asked me “Alexandr, why do you spend so much of your time and your energy on growing other people even if they don’t care for themselves?” And you know what usually my answer is? “The most important point for me is that those people have a great desire and discipline. And if so, they are willing to be successful. I don’t care if they care for themselves or not. My job is to bring my message to them, to show them the way and opportunities, to unlock their abilities and talents, and to place them in the right spot where people will be more productive, more successful, and happy.

And if I will be able to do that, my mission on this earth will be carried out in accordance with my destiny and my talent which I received from God.

One of my favorite proverbs is: “The greatest shot of adrenaline is not when you are skydiving or bungee jumping, nor car racing, it’s when you make other people grow”.



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