Natural algorithm of the leader's development.

Considering the fact that a human being is a reasonable creature, that performs certain actions in accordance with some logical algorithm, but at the same time, there is a division of human society that dividing into different groups of people, which in turn differ from each other in their personal interests and development level.

Proceeding from this point, there is a division of people by profession and by specialty.

Based on their level of development, each person has his/her own way of life. In accordance with their choice, each person gets his own development, which is promoted by certain circumstances.

In turn, human society is unique in nature, and every individual is a unique person and has his/her unique qualities and giftedness.

Depending on what kind of environment that person is in, consequently, under the influence of those specific environmental factors the person acquires character, education, behavior, and corporate culture and habits.

Each person can then find his or her unique qualities, which are inherent only to this person and which can be developed as well.

Each group of people will then have its own natural and complete leader.

Leadership and leadership qualities of the leader directly affect the success of a particular group of people, working together in one team.

It so happened that in human society the leaders not only become so as a result of their development and public recognition but there are also exist “appointed leaders”. And not all of the “appointed leaders” become real leaders who have received public recognition and success. However, under certain conditions and hard work on themselves, they can become true leaders nonetheless.

In order to become a leader, a person should be developed not only as an individual person (good employee) but also as an example to follow and respect for his/her colleagues and friends. As a result, that person starts leading by example, inspires others, cares about his/her people, and grows that team daily through collaborative work with each other, and help those people to succeed. And finally, that leader grows other leaders in his team.

Any team is a mirror of their leader. In addition, a successful leader is a leader who has a successful team or individuals who have achieved success as a result of the collaborative work carried out by these people.

Therefore, a successful leader will always be successful if he educates and treats his subordinates with dignity and respect.

A true leader is a leader who seeks in each subordinate his uniqueness or giftedness, and subsequently developing it.

Any person today can become a better leader.

And remember, we are human beings and all of us have different abilities, but we can grow them and develop.

And the truth is, each of us can become an effective leader in our gifted areas.