Who is a responsible leader?

Today in our society, we, unfortunately, don’t have enough responsible leaders in business. Today more and more leaders prioritize money and leave their colleagues or employees behind. Too many leaders do not care about people and their teams.  As an unfortunate result, the number of dissatisfied people, who leave or lose their job is increasing. We have poor management everywhere: in the private sector and in governmental institutions. Some leaders forget that their team members grow their business.

Grow your people and they will grow your businesses. Make your people more successful and they will make your business more successful.

Listen to every detail that your employees suggest and help them develop their ideas. Respect every single individual in your team and always manage with respect. Like them and they will like you as well.

I will tell you a little story about one of my friends.

One day I asked my friend about his business because I knew that back then, he had big difficulties with his business. However, he said to me: “Alex, my business is great. I have a great team and all my employees are happy. This satisfaction makes me happy”. Then I replied: “How can your employees be happy when the situation is not great at all?”

And you know what he answered?

“My employees don’t know the real situation in the company, and they don’t need to know about it. I have a great team and they are doing a great job to keep my business running. It doesn’t matter what kind of problems my company has. I still have 250 employees under my responsibility, and it is my responsibility to make sure that every single month, every single employee receives a salary and bring it to their family. There are not only 250 employees under my responsibility. 250 families are also under my responsibility. Therefore, when my team and their families are happy, it makes me happy too”.

I can tell you that my friend had difficult times those days and eventually succeeded with his team, with his people, because he believed in his team who helped him to create a new and successful strategy that brought his company to success.

This is a kind of leader is what I call “A True Leader”.

Money is coming in and going out. We could have more money today, but less tomorrow. The amount of money that we have in our account can always fluctuate.  However, a well-structured team will always remain the same, and they will support you and bring you success.

The amount of money you make is often not as lasting or as important as that you live among your people. Live in a team that you build and manage with respect and financial success will surely follow.

Making good money is tough, but building a good team is tougher.

With great people, you can build a great team. With a great team, you can make a fortune. You can make your and others’ lives great. You can make your company successful and make a great contribution to our society.

It means that you are a responsible leader, you make your country great.

At the end of the day, your employees will say:

“We are working in a very successful company and live in a great country. We are so proud of it!”