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Hi, I'm Alexandr Thoric

Alexandr Thoric is a former military officer with 20 years of service in various command and executive positions in various branches of the military. He completed his military career as a senior lecturer at the Military Academy.

For a long time, Alexandr worked in leadership positions in different oil companies.

Alexandr Thoric and his team were highly recognized by the Congress of the United States and by the US Secretary of Defense for exceptionally meritorious service and contribution to Peace Keeping and Humanitarian Operations.

At the same time, his leadership skills and teamwork were highly appreciated by officials of the Republic of Moldova during managing the NAMSA program on the Ratification of Ottawa Convention.

Alexandr Thoric was awarded by the President of the Republic of Moldova for his dedicated service in a humanitarian operation.

No matter what position he was in, whether in the army or civilian life, Alexandr has always been interested in how people work together in team situations.

After years of military service and work in different kinds of companies, Alexandr Thoric has made significant headway in understanding how to lead people of different ages, cultures, nationalities, and social statuses in a variety of industries.

This skill made him a natural consultant and coach in the field of leadership and management.

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