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Do you want to build a team of leaders? 

Build a team of leaders

In today’s world, information is abundant, and knowledge is easily accessible.

However, many business owners and entrepreneurs still struggle to lead their people properly and build strong, effective teams.

The reason for this is not the lack of information but the lack of personal transformation.


Leadership is less about what you know and more about who you are. It’s about developing yourself so you can develop others.

Leadership requires a commitment to personal growth, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and continually working on improving yourself. It’s about building relationships, communicating effectively, and inspiring trust and loyalty in your team.


Many leaders get lost because they focus too much on acquiring knowledge and not enough on applying it in a way that transforms their leadership and positively impacts their team.


To lead effectively, you need to be intentional about your growth, seek out mentors, and surround yourself with other leaders who can challenge and support you. It’s about moving from information to transformation.

When you grow, your team grows also, and that’s when you start building a strong, effective team of leaders.

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Here's how I define Leadership:

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, the ability to inspire and empower others to achieve a common goal together that subsequently influences others to follow their leader.
In other words, leadership is your ability to influence your people to follow you not because they have to follow, but because they want to follow you.


Inspire others to believe in themselves, and team goals


Provide guidance and direction to individuals and teams


Foster a culture of trust and empowerment

I don't work with people that don't care about others.

           Who cares for a leader who doesn’t care for people?            
           Nowadays an increasing number of managers prioritize money and processes over their colleagues and employees. Too many managers do not care about people and their teams. 
           As an unfortunate result, the number of dissatisfied people, who leave or lose their jobs is increasing. In human society, we can see poor management and weak leadership everywhere: in the private sector and in governmental institutions.
          Often leaders forget that their team members are the most important assets in their business.
          After 20 years in the Army here’s what I can tell you:
  1.  Care about your people and they will care about your business.
  2. Grow your people and they will grow your businesses.
  3. Make your people more successful and they will make your business more successful.

I can't help you if you don't value other people.

          It’s impossible to add value to the person if you don’t value him or her.
My three most important criteria when working with business owners are:
  1.  You respect people and have the ability to listen to them well;
  2.  You value people and add value to them.
  3.  You have the willingness to change so you can change others.
Here is a great Story of Valuing Others.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. One day, I asked my old friend about his business, knowing he had been facing difficulties.

He replied, “Alex, my business is great. I have a fantastic team, and all my employees are happy. Their satisfaction makes me happy.”

I asked, “How can they be happy when the situation isn’t great?”

His answer was amazing. “My employees don’t know the real situation, and they don’t need to. I have 250 employees, and it’s my responsibility to ensure they receive their paychecks. I’m also responsible for their families. When my team and their families are happy, I’m happy.”

Despite the tough times, my friend succeeded without laying off anyone because he valued his people. This led to continuous growth and success.

I can't help you if you don't want to grow and develop your leadership potential.

      Some leaders don’t believe that culture by design does work and usually, they say your principles seem too perfect, but real life is completely different and is not achievable.


My questions to those leaders always are,

        1. Why do you think it’s not achievable?

        2. Would you be willing to try to make it happen? If I made it happen, you also can.

        3. Do you believe you reached the maximum of your potential?

        4. Do you believe you tried 100%?


       If you don’t want to go up to the top of the mountain I can’t care you there, it’s too big of a task. If you have a lot of people in your organization who don’t believe they can grow their potential you have a leadership problem yourself.

       If leadership would be easy everybody would become a good leader. There are some obstacles in working with people.


       If you’re willing to try, I’ll walk you through the process, but if you’re not willing to try or you use any excuses not to try, I don’t have a second for that person.


       So you asked me: “How can I grow my leadership skills?”
My answer is very simple:

“Grow your people and people will grow you. Care about your people, and people will get back to you with the same attitude.”

Just try, and you will see what an amazing result you have. But remember, it takes time to become a good leader of your organization!



Here's what I can help you with!

At our corporate consulting program, we focus on:


  • Helping you build a team of leaders by identifying operational bugs and defining success;
  • Creating a tailored strategy and game plan to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • Elevating your managers’ leadership skills to develop high-performing teams and a strong organizational culture.

By optimizing the interaction between your structures, systems, and people, your organization will stand out in your industry.


As a former military officer with 20 years of service, I have adapted my best leadership practices to the corporate world and now bring decades of acquired leadership experience to companies ready to move the needle in their businesses by developing their best assets: their people, leaders, and leadership teams.


If your company needs help building an effective team of leaders and a well-designed and shaped strong organizational culture then look no more and book your free discovery call.

Together, we can transform your organization into a model of leadership excellence.